How To Make Money Shopping!

How To Make Money Shopping!
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Who doesn’t love FREE money?! I know, free money sounds way too good to be true, and usually it is. Believe it or not, there really are ways to get paid by doing what you love to do anyways! So follow me as I open your eyes to a few ways you can earn some extra cash by simply shopping!


This one is definitely my favorite! As many mommies will agree, online shopping is your best friend. What’s better than curling up on the couch in your pajamas with a hot cup of tea and browsing through your favorite stores online catalogs (amazon!) while your little one is napping? Not much. Whenever I think about driving to the mall, struggling with a squirmy toddler that hates being buckled into his car seat and trying to keep him entertained before he realizes I forgot to bring snacks and decides to let out a high pitched scream…I just hug my couch, turn on Little Einsteins and do all my household shopping online. Now, whenever I do any kind of shopping online, I ALWAYS use Ebates. It’s this nifty little site that gives you cash back on all your online purchases! Each store has its own cash back percentage, for example, right now Kohls and JcPenney both offer 6% back, Macy’s is 3% and Amazon is offering up to 5% back! Plus they have specials when certain stores will offer double cash back for a limited time! Best part is its 100% FREE…AND you get a free $10 gift card just for signing up!

Its super easy, simply go to (referral link), create an account and just search which store you want to shop, click the link on that page to be directed to their website and that’s it! Complete your shopping as normal and Ebates automatically adds the percentage of your purchase to your account. You can cash out your account balance through PayPal or they will send you a check (which is more fun in my opinion). I have had a lot of success with this site and since I buy a lot of our household necessities, like toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent etc. online at, I’m getting paid to buy things I would already be buying anyways! One of my favorite perks of this website is if a store has any online coupons available, they list them on the site for you on their Hot Deals page. This ensures that you get the best price possible.

The last cool thing about this website is they have a referral program, so every time you refer a friend and they make their first purchase of $25 or more, they credit $5 to your account! So imagine if you tell 10 friends about Ebates and they all sign up and make a purchase, that’s a free $50! So not only do you make money by doing your regular shopping, but you can make loads more just by letting people know about it.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to stop through Ebates first before heading to your favorite shopping sites, so I recommend making it your home page or installing the Cash Back Button (you can do this by going to the help page on their website). The Button automatically activates Ebates so you don’t have to go to their website first, it will just alert you before you make your purchase to let you know if cash back is available. Trust me, this is an awesome tool that you are gonna want to utilize. I’ve spent a lot of time kicking myself for forgetting to stop by Ebates before making a big purchase that would’ve given me some big bucks back (especially on double cash back days!).


Mystery Shopping

Another fun way to make money by shopping is becoming a mystery shopper! This is a great option if you can leave the little ones with daddy or grandparents so you don’t have to be super distracted. I have gotten reimbursements, free meals, free products etc. from mystery shopping and it’s super easy! The only problem I have run into is that I don’t live in a huge city, so there aren’t a ton of opportunities but I still get jobs every now and then. If you live in a more populated area then you are more likely to get more jobs. The only trick is finding legitimate companies, because there are a lot of scammer sites out there. If a mystery shopping site requires you to pay a fee to sign up, then DON’T do it! You should not have to pay to sign up! Here is a list of mystery shopping sites that I have personally tried and had success with.

When you sign up to be a mystery shopper and accept a job, make sure you read the instructions very thoroughly before you set off to complete it. Most jobs have a certain time frame they want you to show up (usually their busiest hours) and sometimes they will want a picture of the outside or a display, depending on where your job is. I have had a lot of success with these sites and most will at least reimburse you if they require you to buy something but a lot of them will offer extra payment as well. Some even offer bonuses if they have a hard time assigning a job!

These are just a couple ways to add a little bit of extra cash, especially since they are so easy and we are shopping anyways!



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